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  Advanced Socially Active Precept - Socially heavy/code Lite - website standard
We have Three initial Levels of ASAP Socialite Internet Presence Classifications
Level 0.5   A Level 0.5 ASAP Socialite Page consists of nothing more than a Facebook Business/Fan Page. That's it!
You might connect your Facebook Business/Fan Page to other services such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram through the standard aps and resouces available. Not everyone is on Facebook and this prepares your Facebook Page for levels one and two.
You will need to purchase a domain name for the next Levels.
Paradigm Domains is a good place to purchase, forward and configure a new domain name.
Level 1   A Level 1 ASAP Socialite Page consists of a Facebook Business/Fan Page with a domain name redirected or pointed at it.
Additionally a level 1 ASAP Socialite Facebook Page should be connected to Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and/or Instagram through the standard aps and resouces available.
Level 2   Level 2 is a simple webpage Based on a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Widget. The Facebook Page should have already reached Level 1. We will be posting simple code and instructions for this ASAP!!
Level 3   Level 3 is either a page using WordPress with the proper Social Media Widgets or Pligg (again with the proper Social Media Widgets). The proper widgets will bring the maximum content from the Social Media Channels into your WordPress or Pligg based websites. There will soon be a support Page for Level Three and it's Widgets.


Here is a Layout for a Level Two Page:
Header Goes Here
(usually an image with phone number superimposed)
Facebook Widget Here
600 pixels
300 pixels
Pinterest Widget
960 (or a little less) pixels
960 pixels (with copyright notice and email address)
In Reality we recommend using a index.shtml or index.php (if you think you'll need to add PHP to this page) as your main file. Then use a header.htmlf, a footer.htmlf and possibly a menu.htmlf file using SSI to include them within the index file to produce your webpage. This is only if your web host offers SSI - Most do.
If you want a left or right hand navigation menu to other pages you'll want to shrink the widgets some. Start with the Facebook and posibbly the Pinterest widgets and add a column or two to the left or right.   Or you can just add a horizontal menu between the header image and the begining of the twin widgets.
Don't over do the "Gee Whiz"!    


Buttons For Your Website Please copy and paste these to your website and link them to this site.

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